Setting up a CUPS server using Xubuntu 8.04

I plugged a HP LaserJet 1012 in my laptop server. Then I edited the CUPS configuration file:

sudo nano /etc/cups/cupsd.conf

And made the following changes in the file:
  • I changed: BrowseAllow @LOCAL
    BrowseAllow all
  • In the blocks: <location /> , <location /admin> and <location admin/conf>
    I changed
    Order deny,allow
    Allow all
  • I changed: Listen localhost:631
    Listen 631
  • I Added the line: DefaultEncryption Never
Then I tried to do this to allow cupsys to prompt me for my Paridita password when doing admin tasks on the web interface:

sudo adduser cupsys shadow

But I got a message that user cupsys doesn't exist, and no amount of googling revealed an answer so I decided to plow on ahead.

I connected to the CUPS web interface by pointing my browser at and then I added a printer using the CUPS web interface specifying the correct driver for my printer.

Then on the CUPS web interface I went back and selected modify printer on my newly created printer and changed the make and model to "Raw" so that the client computers can set the printer driver to use. I did this because I have had problems with the Ubuntu driver for the HP LaserJet 1012 (the dreaded "unsuppported personality" problem) so by setting the printer up as a "raw" printer I can specify the printer driver on the client machines and thus use a different printer driver.

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