Making CDs of recordings using a Zoom H2 and Windows

Download and install Audacity (open source software for editing audo files) from http://audacity.sourceforge.net/

Download and install InfraRecorder (open source software for burning CDs) from http://sourceforge.net/projects/infrarecorder/

Record something using the Zoom H2 using MP3 recording format.

Connect the Zoom H2 to the Windows computer using USB cord and then put the Zoom H2 in Storage mode: Menu -> USB -> Storage.

Copy the MP3 file from the Zoom H2 to the Windows computer.

Use "Safely Remove Hardware" icon on Windows taskbar to dismount Zoom H2, disconnect USB cable, and exit USB mode by hitting Menu key on Zoom H2.

Start Audacity and then use File -> Open to open the MP3 file.

Edit the MP3 file as needed, and then export it to WAV file: File -> Export As WAV

Insert blank CD-R in computer

Start InfraRecorder

Click Audio Disc.

In the Explorer View window select the WAV file (one click) and then click the blue plus sign above the window.  This should make the WAV file show up in the bottom window. Or you can just drag the WAV file from the top window to the bottom window.

Drag as many WAV files as you want on the CD to the bottom window, and put them in the order you want them to be on the CD.

When ready to burn CD, click Action -> Burn Compilation then select the lowest write speed and click OK.

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